By: Michael A. Bell
FFR University Targets the Advisor Experience

Newport Beach, California, August 4, 2016 -- People do business with people they like and trust.   Your staff is really an extension of your brand.   Social media has become today’s channel for “word-of-mouth” feedback about a client’s experience. 

As financial service products become more sophisticated, the staff needs to stay current on new products, issues and technology.  That is why First Financial Resources (FFR) is committed to featuring keynote speakers and topical workshops for their annual FFR University.  Each year, the University’s agenda centralizes around a common theme, “making key people key,” to help further the professional development and expertise of a member’s staff.  When an insurance carrier streamlines a process with new technology, the advisor’s staff is on the front line needing to agilely adapt.

"We’re all about supporting direct access to a carrier’s underwriting team. An advisor cannot do it alone. He or she needs a trained, professional staff.”

— Jud Imhoff, Chief Executive Officer, FFR.

FFR University helps an advisor’s staff become more effective and efficient in working directly with a life insurance carrier.  “We’re all about supporting direct access to a carrier’s underwriting team.  An advisor cannot do it alone.  He or she needs a trained, professional staff.  It is why our FFR University is so well attended.  An FFR member advisor has us as a resource for training, current topics and networking of key staff.  Ultimately, when the staff is competent, they help create a positive experience for the advisor’s clients,” explains Jud Imhoff, Chief Executive Officer, FFR.

This year, FFR University will be held at the new Peséa Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach, California from August 22nd through August 24th.  Each FFR member firm sends a key staff representative.  "Success is attendees sharing their best practices, adding to the discussion, and returning to their offices inspired.  This can be a lonely business for the advisor's staff, but with our FFR University it doesn't have to be," comments Imhoff.

About First Financial Resources

First Financial Resources (FFR) is a producer group founded in 1987 and solely owned by its member advisors and based in Newport Beach, California.  FFR provides its member advisors with access to insurance-based products, tools and resources for the high net worth and/or business client.  FFR also focuses expertise, resources and training to elevate the professional knowledge of the advisor’s staff.  To learn more about FFR, please visit