By: Susan Hart

Yes, Says First Financial Resources

Irvine, California, August 2, 2018 – What if someone invited you to attend a 2-day training session and said, “We don’t want you to listen”?  What would your reaction be?  Puzzled or intrigued?  As the team at First Financial Resources puts the final details in place for its 2018 FFR University on August 6 – 8, 2018, they hope “intrigue” is top of mind when attendees arrive for the 27###sup

FFR University at the Pendry San Diego.  “We all are very familiar with being ‘talked at’ during a training session.  This is more about an experiential, fun learning event,” explains Jud Imhoff, Chief Executive Officer, FFR.  Research shows that we learn better when two or more of our senses are tapped.  The FFR University starts with a “scavenger hunt” through San Diego’s Gaslight District. The hunt stimulates attendees’ focus, creativity in problem-solving, encourages teamwork and uses a smart phone app to accumulate points.###>

Staff members from FFR offices across the country will attend the event.  Within the FFR model, support is localized and closest to the client.  FFR’s training motto is “You’re only as good as your staff”.  FFR puts the motto to practice when it designs the curriculum for this annual event.  Today’s world offers so much data, information and choices.  It is easy to get lost or distracted.  The 2018 curriculum is designed around “targeted focus”. 

Ron White, author, speaker and top memory expert helps attendees learn how to use enhanced memory to prioritize their day, ignore information clutter and grow professionally.  Attendees can raise their “emotional intelligence”, too.  With tips and exercises from Jacque Leonard, Pryor Learning Solutions, they open a window into what compels people to act the way they do.  “An FFR advisor’s staff needs to understand what makes a client feel special and important.  We hope our attendees come away with added insights and techniques to defuse tense situations and improve relationships,” explains CEO Imhoff.  FFR also taps its core carriers’ experts and combines them with its own internal staff to provide attendees with insights, updates, lively discussion, success story exchanges, and practical advice to help you be “really good at what you do.”  Topics covered will include: product features and niches, underwriting specialties, and using technology to gain business efficiencies.

Focus is not solely targeted on business and professional development.  “Build a Better Backpack” is a team event that gives back to a charity, Operation Underground Railroad (  The charitable group works to rescue child sex slaves and bring the perpetrators to justice.   FFR University attendees will work in teams building backpacks for survivors that O.U.R. has rescued.

Taking time away from the day-to-day operations of the office to attend the FFR University, FFR office staff members share experiences and gain new insights.  “Having an experiential training session is not something an individual advisor can do alone.  As an organization, FFR brings the resource power to staff training while the advisor keeps his/her business independence,” adds Imhoff.

About First Financial Resources

First Financial Resources (FFR) is a producer group founded in 1987 and solely owned by its member advisors and based in Irvine, California.  FFR provides its member advisors with access to insurance-based products, tools and resources for the high net-worth and/or business client.  FFR also focuses expertise, resources and training to elevate the professional knowledge of the advisor’s staff.  To learn more about FFR, please visit

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