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Stop giving a percentage of your earnings to an unnecessary middleman. Join First Financial Resources and connect with insurance carriers directly. At FFR, you own all of your business, so you keep more profit.

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About our company

Full disclosure, FFR is unique.

First Financial Resources is the only 100% member-owned life insurance distribution group. We provide your business with the perfect combination of independence, support and control. Members are trusted advisors who work directly with top insurance carriers. There’s a transparency to how we operate.

No BGAs. No hidden fees. No more guesswork.

The Benefits of FFR

100% Member Owned

There are no third party owners or outside shareholders. You own the company. Even our board of directors is composed 100% of FFR members elected by the membership.

Referral Only

FFR membership is by referral only. We only accept independent and financially strong producers so our group consists of the most trusted advisors in the business.


Members receive full disclosure of all contracts. Nothing hidden. You’ll know exactly what the loads, charges and gross commissions are on policies that your client purchases.

Full Control

You own your business. We provide the tools you need to grow your practice and build your future without the stress of minimum production requirements.

No Middleman

Members work directly with our carriers, without the need for a BGA middleman. It’s simple. You do the work, you get the money.

Member Resources

Gain access to several technology tools, national sales and marketing meetings, staff training events, study groups, an in-house medical director for underwriting needs, and the FFR home office staff.

Oldest in the Industry

FFR is the original producer owned group. Throughout the years, we have developed a family camaraderie. Members are willing to offer their decades of experience to support you and your business.

RIA Platform

FFR offers members the ability to join, partner, share revenue and learn from an RIA committee. Discover best practices of separate accounts, sleeves, tax harvesting and more.

No Debt

FFR is a financial strong and extremely well capitalized organization operating free of debt.

"You can’t just 'tread water.' You must grow, learn, and improve on your business. An organization like FFR helps make that happen."

John McDonough

FFR Member

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