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First Financial Resources is the only
100% Member-owned life insurance distribution group and has been so since 1987.

We empower our group of experienced, independent insurance producers to build their success by enabling direct carrier relationships, providing access to best-in-breed resources, and creating opportunities for industry learning and peer connection.

Grow your life insurance business with FFR.

About Us

Why do leading life insurance producers join FFR?

It comes down to the core values we are built on as a preeminent life insurance distribution group — values that drive better outcomes for our Members.

Committed to Your Independence

We know that you can run your business better than we can. FFR does not exist to control or manage our Members; we exist to enable your success. As a Member, you have full independence over what you do, and you are always in control of your business and the decisions you make.

You customize the solutions and resources you receive from FFR based on the needs of your business as they change over time.

We cut out the middleman and allow you to go directly to carriers to get what you need. You are recognized for the business you write, not us.

Our contracts allow you to have direct access to the relationship managers, advanced marketing team, underwriters, and case managers at each of our carrier partners.

Delivering a Transparent Model

We work with transparency and simplicity at every level of the organization. Our Members own the company, not third party owners. Rather than acting as an intermediary, FFR is a service layer that connects Members to carrier partners and resources, so that you can make decisions on exactly what your business needs.

Members receive full disclosure of all contracts. You’ll know exactly what the full commissions are on policies that your client purchases.

With little overhead expense and an efficient team, we offer some of the highest compensation rates in the industry.

Providing Your Choice of Best-in-Class Resources

We are continually building out our best-in-breed resources so that our Members can be top producers in the industry. We use knowledge gathered from our network of industry experts, business leaders, and Members to build out resources.

  • A dedicated Relationship Manager
  • New technology tools and software
  • Industry-leading national events
  • Study groups consisting of like-minded producers

Most importantly, our resources are not bundled. Members choose only the resources that they want for their business — and nothing they don’t. FFR provides the support suited to your needs, and you ultimately determine the path of your business.

Our Top Carriers

FFR partners with leading insurance carriers so that you can go directly with them to get what you need.

Discover FFR's Best-in-Class Resources

Our network of resource partners provides tailored support to enhance your business operations, spanning from cutting-edge technology to comprehensive back-office solutions.

News & Insights

Read the latest about FFR and the life insurance industry.

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